Hair Oil: simple look into a simple product


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As the basic title says, I will be going into a little detail about hair oil. Reason why? Because over the last 2 months I have grown really fond of it and want to know more about it myself.

A staple product, hair oil has been used for centuries and both men and women use it, basically all you need is human hair for this product.

It started off being the use of natural essential oils, jojoba, tea tree, rose and more, through the years with cosmetic products being enhanced there’s a wild variety out there ranging between one or ten ingredients, some containing henna to enhance hair colour, Macassar was one of the first widely used oils that transferred the oil onto furniture, so much that an antimacassar (a small cloth) was invented to prevent the printing of Macassar oil on furniture, which in retrospect we do with towels to this day to stop the oil from printing if slept in.


It’s become one of the most popular hair products out there, with promises of promoting hair growth, de-frizz, control, healthier, stronger, glossy and softer hair – hair oil either has us fooled or it really is a nourishing product that has an unbelievable amount of pros to cons.

Hair serum used to be the product but as it’s not as beneficial and a quick fix it’s dropped in popularity, think of that as fast food and oils to be more of a labour of love, you need a little patience.


Prices range between the basics of £1 – £30+, and all I’ve looked into seem to be quite natural so it’s matter of factors in your life and hair type to determine what you want. I would suggest having a look into purchasing before picking anything, it may not suit your hair type or colour.


I use Dabur Amla gold and coconut oil on my hair, and I have fine hair but lots of it. My good Kuwaiti friend introduced me to Dabur Amla (repair serum) and I now have fond memories whenever I see, smell and use it.  I also looked into brands and personal reviews and chose coconut oil to try out too. Dabur Amla gold I use a lot, and when I had a beached fringe it did alter the colour – marginally, I put it down to the hair follicles being very porous, I don’t see a colour change on my virgin hair and that was the main worry, same for coconut oil minus any hair colour changes.

dabur amla
My hair feels a lot more silky and strong with using hair oil, but before that I would just wash it so this might be the care it needs. I wear it either 15+ minutes or all night before washing off, if you wear it all night make sure you really thoroughly wash your hair.


Male & Female summer trends 2013


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Hooray! Just the word summer gets me excited, and the more I’m seeing it in the build up to the season the more I can’t wait to see new trends. I can’t believe we are now in June and I’m still clutching my coat for dear life but I have my fingers and toes crossed for a little heat so we can see what’s underneath those big coats.


Let’s get right into it, Paisley or Boteh prints are a big thing this summer and it’s a print that can be incredibly garish or softly subtle, so wear it as you wish there’s never been a better season to whip this print out, it’s origins are Persian and Indian and the name comes from where the prints were largely made in Paisley, Scotland. It’s a great print as men and women can wear it.


I could not forget that festival season is now upon us and the festival fashionistas are all out and walking through the hoard of tents still dripping with fashion and maybe sweat too. A great thing about festivals is that there’s a mash of different individuals rocking their own style but with the mutual interest of the music tying them together, expect to see a lot of pleather, leather and feathered garments! With safari influenced styles being a trend worth adventuring into for the festival season, camo prints for men and cool khakis and stone colours for the ladies.


If rocking out your wardrobe isn’t for you right now, you can find soft glamour in garments that are metallic and pleated for a delicate look in summer 2013, try finding something in neutral and nude colours for a cool, effortless look, the metallic counterpart creates a delightful divide between day and night. All you guys out there feeling the same delve into some statement tailoring, think between soft and bright/plain and bold and you’ll have the summer suit for 2013, with thanks to JT and fashion designers of course for bumping up the suit popularity!


If you’re feeling a bit edgy and trendy ladies opt for letter/number prints and logo sweatshirts and men step into some stripes, why not mix your prints too to create your own look.


As for accessories, I have been seeing tiny backpacks everywhere, more so on men, combined with the thin tie it’s as if they’re giants! Baker boy hats and round framed sunglasses keeping you men safe from the sun rays. As for the ladies protect your eyes in a bold pair of sunglasses, snake prints and statement necklaces are the accessories of choice this summer.



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bold suit×1024.jpg


men sunglasses


safari image!image/1332525556.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_630/1332525556.jpg


festival style

Colour B4 review


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Gonna have a bit of a vapid ramble and image binge about my experience with colour B4 seeing as I can’t edit the video on a chromebook without rooting.

I used this one: Colour B4 extra, removes dark tones and build up. I got it from tesco and was £9.99, was the only place open and the last one.


2013-05-09 19.48.59

For those that don’t know, it’s basically a drug-store hair colour stripper/remover.

My hair texture and colour: fine but there’s lots of it and is a medium brown colour.

The dye: I had dye on my fringe/bangs, had bleached it, then half blonde and the other half brown top and red underneath, and bleached one side until it was white, then finally red underneath and brown on top, so safe to say a few colours are there in the space of 4 months.

Brief hair history in pics to illustrate above paragraph ~


Hair history, how great.

Right before using Colour B4: flash

2013-05-09 19.58.38  2013-05-09 19.57.17

The plait is my natural colour:

2013-05-09 19.57.46

Before again: No flash

2013-05-09 19.55.06 Before - no flash

The rest of my hair is virgin hair, done the whole sabotage the hair thing, mohawk, shaved off, and one time my Aunt (who’s a hairdresser) spent 6 hours once taking me from purple/black to bright red with 2 streaks of stripes – stripped, bleached and dyed twice! The dye of my fringe was more of a method of getting it out my system for a change, plus it was okay if it messed up I’d just rock a Riff Raff style for a little while.


My experience: ‘painless’ and it was incredibly easy to use, as usual there is anxiety of worrying you’ve done it wrong and wasted £9.99 or your hair, the instructions were clear and I did do a test patch, which honestly I don’t do usually, I was fascinated to see results – sort of like a science experiment. It was successful so I popped it on my fringe (using only about a quarter of the mixtures) and waited, once removing colour b4, after an hour, my hair felt a little fine but that’s to be expected, no brassy feel, just needed the ends to be trimmed and it was fine. It removed the dark brown and grody colour build up and I have really nice chestnut colour fringe, with a little caramel blonde underneath one half still, but that’s because there was only red on the bleach and no brown or anything so it stripped to the last colour. As for the odour I see mentioned a lot, it really isn’t a huge deal or smells bad, only thing is that it lingered like any other dye so common sense to open a window or something might help if you are sensitive to certain smells~


I would recommend Colour B4 and definitely I would’ve used this back in the day when I was hot on dying my hair often. I know in the future I do have the option to use this if I ever change my mind in dying. So don’t discontinue!

2013-05-22 14.35.59


Just venting


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Two posts in one day?! What! (was supposed to post this yesterday)

Being honest here, I am so down – went to a hairdresser what’s now yesterday and she cut off 4 inches (!!! when I asked for the ends off) my hair and I’ve been moping ALL DAY, bear in mind I could almost sit on it. More on that later…

I’m here to do a little intro into my actual job – I am a Google Specialist!

I have been this since October 2012, it’s not a job that promises ‘forever’ as such but I hope to be a part of this for as long as possible. 

A Google Specialist basically deals with demos, advice, questions and help with Google products, being Chromebooks, Chromebox and Nexus. 

I work in a Curries/PC World megastore so I often find myself helping customers on laptops and other devices, even though it’s not my job. 

Being big on Google, as in, I dig it, I still find it hard to believe I got such a job. But this post isn’t meant as a brag, no-no, I have been wanting to make a website for a long time and I know I can combine this WordPress to most hosting sites and I need to write about my actual job before it’s irrelevant! 

I can usually answer most questions about Google’s lovely stuff, Chrome OS or Android… But I am always learning as I go. Of course it isn’t without its stress and such but I need not post about that as it’s nothing to do with the company/agency and merely one person.

This was for sure something that gave me more of a purpose in life, and when people ask how I got it, I will tell you, I applied for every job I liked the look of or wanted to know more about, spending every day, all day on applications, heck I still do it now and the actual ad for this in particular was very brief, and had no mention of anything just technology, and I didn’t believe it myself until I went to the training in Birmingham, so if you’re out there reading this with no job or between odd jobs, just keep applying, don’t back down, go at it hard and keep persistant, the three P’s



Persistence (which seems kinda contradictory against patience)

Those three things will stay with me after being enlightened about it from a Skype job interview.

I am basically rambling, and in about 5 hours I leave for my MAC orientation…

ColourB4 review on the way too….

Spring summer fashion trends 2013


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I think we can officially start moving on from the layers and winter clothing, albeit we’re in April now we can really have a bit of a trend-binge to make up for the lost weeks of strolling into spring. Before we sprint faster than Usain Bolt into summer trends it isn’t an ideal climate to be parading around in the bikinis just yet, but hey if you want to, then go for it.

Two-tone, now I don’t know about you but I love my ska and own a plethora of monochrome garments and the mod checkerboard print has been a big fat check on the catwalks from the likes of Louis Vuitton and Roland Mouret taking a delightful twist with black and white colour patterns – wearable for top class nights out. Polka dot is also something to keep an eye out for, preferrably white dots on deep blues, whilst it is popular at the moment you can take it down the 1990s grunge route ala Gwen Stefani or a big polka dot print circa 1940s/50s pin up.

Fashion for men is anything but monochrome in terms of trends at the moment, whilst we all agree with Barney Stinson that the suit is always a great choice but a suit for spring/summer 2013 can be a delightful mix of quirky and preppy – your choice to do both at once, adding a pop to your suit with the addition of a retro or paisley print shirt, level of 1970s is optional with paisley prints, and now something so un-70s is the flat shoe-boot, to maintain that level of looking smart but tough have been clocked on the runway and is always a great addition to a gentleman’s wardrobe.

Monochrome often is the ‘boring’ choice but you can’t really go wrong as it’s super cheap and easy to reinvent items and it can be an open invitation to personalise your outfit of the day. With the invitation of monochrome back into wardrobes the 1960’s inspiration has followed suit, with the plus of using colours that weren’t as popular in the 1960’s giving a more modern twist on lush graphic prints on tight dresses – checks and psychedelic patterns – perfect to show off your figure, simple ‘random’ graphic stripes to vamp up an outfit and slightly mixing up with tribal prints to give a fresh new print style on clothing.

It’s great to welcome more males on board for the tidy unusual, not the everyday print shirts – i.e. mini clouds – little patterns, the key here is to keep it small, compact and presentable, a fashionable take on fun. Speaking of fun fashion or fashion fun I’ve been seeing more men in bright jeans/trousers lately, not the neon nu-rave style but solid deep, fresh colours and if that’s not your bag opt for shorts, think on the lines of preppy again, pastel colours super suitable for those beach boys and team that up with some light denim, distressed or with a small graphic print and you have a day outfit that will take you right into the night.

What’s fashion without the texture, like a meal, sometimes outfits just work when you mix up the textures of the fabrics, soft, fluffy jumpers have been on the radar for awhile and ideal timing because of the cold lately, these 1990’s jumpers are always  another texture welcomed back on the runway was all the modern 1920’s fringed creations, using the fabric and even feathers, a perfect way to add movement to an outfit and create a showstopping look – including being seen on the accessories! No better time really for men as the perfect two-tone 1920s brogue as advertised by Johnston Murphy is a great choice for you gentlemen to welcome the summer, if you’re not into that try a nice tan leather (doesn’t have to be the real deal!) shoe.
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P.S this was written 2 months ago, so it’s more spring based and Google drawing is not being my friend to add pics so sorry for the wall of text!!


False Lashes

False eyelashes is like clothing for the eyes it can enhance and widen the eyes so much, but if worn incorrectly or too many pairs will be extremely bold and a little OTT.

Strip eye-lashes are the ones that are, well, the strip kind and these are the most commonly used false eye-lash product, and surprisingly come in so many different varieties from natural to disco-fever, and when I say that I mean I own a few pairs of gold falsies! Always feel free to experiment and have a gander at what’s around, if you really look around – chances are you will find what you’re looking for. Prices of these can range from £1.99 – £10.00+ and my advice is if you’re looking for a standard natural pair, try looking at drug-store (superdrug or boots) brands (collection 2000 etc) as they usually do their own and it’s a lot cheaper! Also look out for deals, usually you can collect bargains on eccentric styled lashes because they are harder to sell!

Individual lashes are more a product that’s used for weddings and special occasions, probably due to the time and effort to apply, not to mention that super strong adhesive you need! They are used loads by beauticians, and is one thing we trained with whilst doing beauty therapy. These come in the bog-standard naturals and vary in shape – small, medium and large so you can apply all around the eye effectively. These do give a much more of a natural look and are a closer alternative to eye-lash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic procedure made to last for a longer period of time than that of the other types, they can last up to months! They are a time-consuming process that must be applied by a professional, it is your choice where to get these procedures done but please take into consideration that one case went to a non-professional in a shopping centre and they used super-glue which almost blinded the client and they had to have their lashes cut off! Not ideal just before a wedding. The eye-lash extensions are a fabulous go-to for holidays or just if you want a break from all that curling and mascara applying, this is something I would love to try one-day as I think it looks stunning!

With false eyelashes, strip and individual, you can curl and I would advise you to apply mascara to blend the natural lashes with the false for a more natural look, clear, brown or black mascara is your choice for whatever type you have on! The lash adhesive available is also quite mixed, I love ones where you can apply to the lash with a tiny brush (remember to keep products like this clean and what your applying to clean) my reason for this is that’s the main style I’ve used for years and I like the control, the one I currently use a lot is the latex-free lash glue by DUO, it dries clear and also makes my life a lot easier if anyone was to have a latex-allergy! To test if you have one do a patch test on the bend of the arm or behind the ear and wait up to 24hrs, a reaction will usually be instant. There are also lash glues in tube form and that’s the most common I find, just remember to squeeze the tube very lightly as it comes out quite quick! Some lash glues are black so match the eye-liner and to make application ‘easier’, I have not actually ever used this type but I hear it is effective. Try to avoid the little applicators that come with the eyelashes because they are a bit pants, sometimes they’re okay but it is easier for you to purchase a separate adhesive. For individual lashes you usually use a stronger glue, this is so the tiny delicate few lashes will stay on better, this glue isn’t good to use for strip lashes, as it’s a strong glue in larger amounts will make the eyes water, and you don’t want to ruin that make-up! Remember if you get any in your eyes – remove immediately!






Eyebrow Shaping


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Turn those frowny brows upside down
The eyebrows are what frame the face and to shape them ‘correctly’ gives your face a little more pizazz, I am a huge lover of shaping eye brows and filling them in and a firm believer of doing your own thing, so if you want Gothic mehndi style eyebrows or ‘scouse brows then go for it, I’m here to talk you through the products that are available to experiment with those brows!

First of all when it comes to shaping them you need to pluck them first, remove make-up and pop witch hazel on and wipe off to remove any oils and the plucking can almost begin, if you want the best from your natural shape then place the tweezers in a straight line aligned with the side of the nose, mark where it is on the brow (side of the tweezer that is closest to the brow) and that’s where they should start, then angle the tweezers in a 45 degree angle with the end positioned still against the nose, that is where the brow should stop, and then for the arch of the brow angle the tweezers or pencil another 45 degrees between the last angle, that is where the arch should start. You can also highlight the shape you want by using a white eyeliner as a guide, so you know where to pluck/thread. If you prefer to wax the lot off and draw them in then use that same method, or if you want avant-garde brows then experiment away.

Some people opt to have eye brows the same colour as their hair and seeing as brow pencils only come in natural colours it leaves the un-natural colours to use a replacement, that can be eye-shadow or eye-liner, when using eye-shadow you make it damp so it applies easier and doesn’t create a fall-out all around the eye brow area, you basically have more control over it when it’s damp, pencil eye-liners have a tendency to not be as long lasting as the eye-shadow technique and rub off a lot easier and have a slightly shiny appearance – try to set the pencil eye liner with powder if you have no eyebrow hairs and have solely used pencil.

Eyebrow pencils come in natural shades, there’s most variety in these kinds to suit natural tones, easiest application out of them all just sharpen and apply, when applying you apply from the bottom of the eyebrow and flick up gently for a less harsh block-brow look, making the pencil brows last longer and harder to smudge, apply a clear mascara over the top.

Eyebrow powder is a lot like the eye shadow, but it’s usually formulated to be water resistant and smudge proof, comes in a wide variety of natural colours and able to mix and match to your desired coloured a lot easier. The Urban Decay powder comes with a brow wax to hold the brows in place.

Eyebrow gel is a longer lasting than the pencil, it ‘stains’ the skin more and doesn’t rub off as much onto clothes or smudge easily, these are possibly the most expensive product for filling in and shaping eyebrows, and the downside is that they come in a smaller variety of colours, often sold in trios available in blonde, brunette and auburn. When applying with gel or shadow you use a firm angled short-haired brush, and apply on the underneath of the eyebrow and flick up for a hair look-a-like application and a natural finish, it is optional to use clear mascara over all types of these products but it does help a lot.


eyebrow 1
***My own image***

eyebrow 2

eyebrow 3

eyebrow 4

eyebrow 5

Cosmetic Powders


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Cosmetic powders are a classic item that has been in many a make-up collection for hundreds of years and through the years and with cosmetic science there’s now lots of different varieties available (and not containing lead anymore!) It is the cosmetic that can give you an over-all matte finish or a dewy glow. Some people can’t live without, some are indifferent and some don’t use it at all. The uses of powder are quite extensive, the main uses are to set foundation and concealer and mattify the skin and take away shine – a definite use in the media TV and film industry, other uses are cover-up, highlight, contour, dewy are just a few to name some of them. I have previously talked about highlighting and contouring so check my other articles out for that information.

Anyone can wear powder, unless you have an allergy to it, for darker skin the setting ‘translucent’ powder can look dull and ghostly on the skin I believe this is because of the clay ingredient in most white based translucent powders. Translucent powder is used to set make-up, it is applied over foundation and concealer to set the make-up, and also over creme blushers (applying over powder can make it hard to blend out and look cakey.) You can purchase mineral compact powders to give the face a healthy glow and a pearlescent look, the compacts are really beautiful as well as the effect it gives on application – if you apply this all over the face you may look very shiny so perhaps apply it where the light would naturally hit for that beautiful radiant glow.

Powders can also be used as a foundation, the options available in this variety are or creme-to-powder, heavy coverage and light coverage. The sheer cover range are probably the most popular for cover-up as a powder foundation, it’s use is to give the skin a flawless look and to hide any blemishes, popular with those that have scars or birthmarks, however, everyone can use this product and the form of this range is mainly loose powder. The other foundations that are compact ones are the creme-to-powder range, it is basically a creme foundation but has a powder finish. Foundations that are solely just powder give a light coverage, and a brush is needed to apply this type of foundation.

Take into consideration, if you steer clear of powders and powder foundations because it breaks you out, see what the factors affecting you other than the product itself, if the powder comes with a sponge applicator – you must clean it daily if you use it daily as the bacteria will absorb into the sponge and because it’s a sponge it’s even more prone to absorb and hold into it, so every time you re-apply with a dirty one it’s putting that bacteria back onto the face and back into the product. You can use a powder-puff, sponge or brush, just remember to keep your applicator of choice clean.





Fashion trends for Autumn Winter 2012


With fashion – it just gets better, what with Marc Jacobs rolling in with models on a Louis Vuitton train at Paris fashion week, it really sets what were in for this season!


For females the shapes of the clothing seen on the catwalk this season are still between athletic and cute small curves, a line skirts and skater skirts are the main skirts seen on the catwalk this season and enhancing the waist by bringing it in ever-so-slightly by using wide belts/cinchers and wearing fitted blazers and peplum tops. The peplum style is massively popular with designers this season from Elie Saab to Lanvin the style has been covered or replicated by most if not all designers this season. Gentlemen this season suiting up was all over the catwalk, beautiful suits ranging from textured suits to glitter suits, Mugler had a fabulous range for the gentlemen this season!


The prints gracing the ladies garments this season is a refreshing change, think deep Gothic colours with brocade prints like a luxurious wall-paper, jewelled garments such as wearing jewellery on the clothes and in the hair for a quirky new accessory the catwalk has definitely taken a regal approach this season, lots of golds and silver and yes, lurex! Lurex tights have been seen on the catwalk by Chanel and I couldn’t be happier to see them again! Colours popular this season are Purple, Vermilion, Black – Purple being a definite winner for men and ladies. Military accents are on long jackets and jump-suits are popular in militant colours such as Khaki and light browns, a look that will surely make you scream don’t-mess-with-me when strutting around the high street! We are not with-out the sheer-garments, finally mixing sheer fabrics to make shirts and jackets are suitable for all seasons! Yes, sheer garments even for men too.


The catwalk wasn’t without it’s textures for men and women – PVC and jewelled garments donned the catwalk heavily this season, PVC garments were more with darker colours and khakis and the jewelled garments featured a lot on the creamy pinks, satin and soft fabrics are in a lot of high-street retailers at the moment and if you don’t like to look bulky with the PU leathers and adore the wet-look, grab yourself a pair of satin trousers, they are thinner and a lot more comfortable! Hippy chic is also another strong theme this season, the muted tones mesh well with the military themes happening so it’s a mergable style in regards to that, the prints are very 1970’s including making its way onto the shoes!


Light platform heels have taken centre stage too, I’m not talking massive platform but in the style of creepers but applied to pumps and dolly shoes which give outfits a cute Harajuku look! Other shoes to keep an eye out for is, and I take a deep breathe because these are my favourite shoes, platform Mary Jane shoes, actually Mary Janes feature a lot not just in terms of platform heels. Accessories to suit the military theme are the wonderful long gloves, these beauties bring a nice edge this season, team that up with a beautiful cape and you will look elegant and edgy! The men this season were also in brocade capes and textured fabrics Cuffs and collars are also a great way to change up the usual bracelet/necklace routine! Shoes for men are classic black smart shoes, one pair I saw were glittery and I adore these! Gents should opt for a pair of Matrix-esque glasses, these solid black glasses bring a touch of mystery to an outfit.


Fashion picture 1;

Fashion Pictures 2:

Fashion Pictures 3:

Fashion pictures 4:


Spring-Summer fashion cont.


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We’re now entering summer territory and the weather is starting to show it!

For the ladies abstract is painting its way onto a lot of garments, not aztec…Abstract, these beautiful artistic reminiscent of the early 90’s prints can be found on dresses, shirts – whatever you want and the prints can be extremely flattering to many figure types as it creates illusions and highlights and shades parts of the body.

Adding more of a statement to your outfit this summer season is to get hold of a pair of heels with abstract heels, e.g. holes through wedges/funky heels, to make up for this lack-luster weather we must go all out to show the sun what it’s missing! On the topic of shoes, toms are quickly strolling into our wardrobes, step-by-step – for males and females! The ever so comfy espadrille is available in a range of colours and will suit most types of subcultures and can be worn for a multitude of occasions.

Let the summer breeze course through light-weight trousers, for the gents the wider-cut trousers were all over the runway for SS12, and for the ladies statement prints on these comfortable but fashionable trousers such as kaleidoscope and paisley prints see through gothic chiffons were all the rage but quirky vintage prints are taking the high street by storm, remember I said about pastel colours, well, still keeping those in the wardrobe – don’t ditch yet as the retro Americana quirky prints are on these colours and totally giving me 1990’s Tim Burton/Jetson vibes, but that’s my personal opinion, don’t forget those cat-eye sun-glasses for a chic addition!


The men’s wardrobe this season is far from making no statements, but for the gentlemen it’s all about the textures, rock out with faux-leather jackets or be slicker than your average in dark coloured silk and satin suits. As previously mentioned wide leg trousers are popular but what is also accompanying it on the catwalk are long jackets, a smart but slouchy approach that’s been missing in male catwalks for a while. Backpacks are also an ideal and practical accessory for the gents. Match the ladies in their quirky ensembles and opt for a pastel suit as pastels are also a fantastic colour in male fashion right now.

Another big event for us here in England is the Olympics – which will be starting in less than 2 months, clothing lightly inspired by the even has been featuring on catwalks too, I’m not saying go out like a Rab C.Nesbitt extra, basic dresses and tops in performance fabrics with little touches of basic lines are giving that athletic touch.

Now I may be getting a wee-bit ahead of myself but Lurex (metallic yarn) is something I feel that’s going to become popular, something I would usually associate with autumn/winter trends but I feel a slight bolt of disco fever is going to come into our wardrobes, losing 2 amazing disco icons may influence this and I feel will be around for the length of a storm and then disappear until the winter months again.